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About Us


Lovely KC is NOW located in Maryville, Missouri. The woman behind the business is Nicole. She started this business because she loves everything KC themed and had always wanted to open her own online store. She decided to take the leap and start this business in September of 2019. With 2 children in daycare, life was too expensive to not have a side hustle. First, Lovely KC started out with third-party t-shirt designs and boutique clothing. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Nicole started to struggle to keep the business afloat. With a leap of faith, she purchased 2 printers and started making the t-shirts herself! From July-December the business exploded! Nicole loves supporting Kansas City and wearing anything and everything that has something about the city on it! She enjoys making and designing t-shirts and says “it has been fun to see my own designs on people.”


At Lovely KC the customer is at the forefront when making business decisions. Customer service, satisfaction and business responsiveness are the heart of what we do. We show customers the “behind the scenes” look at the business to stay relatable and show that quality is important, and this business is personal.


Lovely KC specializes in Kansas City themed t-shirts as well as other seasonal appropriate itemsLovely KC loves creating one-of-a-kind designs with particular interest in anything Kansas City themed; Royals, Chiefs, the Skyline, etc.


Lovely KC is expanding capacity for t-shirts and all things Kansas City. The hope is to eventually get to a point where the only t-shirts sold by Lovely KC were designed and printed in house!


Nicole’s Why?


I went to business school with the thought in my mind that I would own a business one day. I graduated and started working full time for a corporation and with the good pay, it was never something I could leave. Nothing in retail, or on my own could compete with the wages or hours I worked for the Corporation. But I always enjoyed buying comfortable, cute, casual clothing so I kept the thought of owning my own boutique in the back of my mind. Fast forward to December 2019, my second child was only 9 months old and funds were starting to get tight with two kids in daycare and all their needs, despite my husband and I having good paying jobs. I decided it was time to take the leap of faith and start the business that I have always wanted. Enter Lovely KC.